L’Institut des Relations Internationales Stratégiques (IRIS)


The fruit of a private initiative founded in 1991, IRIS has established itself as a major player in French research on strategic and international issues.


The motivation behind the creation of IRIS was the desire to achieve three main objectives:

  • To contribute to research and debates on international strategic issues, offering a different slant on national and international issues
  • To create a truly independent centre of expertise,
  • To create a forum for dialogue and reflection for all stakeholders who make up the strategic community, specialists from very different professional and philosophical backgrounds: Politicians, senior officials, industrialists, military leaders and academics.


IRIS focuses primarily on issues relating to foreign policy, strategic policy, security and defence. As an independent and non-partisan centre of expertise, IRIS's team of specialists, its extensive networks, and high-quality analysis make the institution both a strong corporate partner for international business development and a reliable contact for public institutions. Through numerous exchanges with foreign research centres and with the political, economic and diplomatic circles, IRIS has developed a network of specialists around the world, permitting the institution to broaden and improve its range of activities as well as its audience, helping it to become a real "think tank", ranked among the top 50 think-tanks in the world.


As a research institution pursuant to the French "loi 1901", IRIS organizes its activities around four main areas: research, training, events and publications.


IRIS is Peace and Sport’s geopolitical partner, giving advice on strategic issues and international relations.



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