sportaccordFounded in 1967 as the General Association of International Sports Federations, SportAccord is the umbrella organisation for all Olympic and non-Olympic international sports federations as well as organisers of international games and sport-related international associations. Currently with 104 members, SportAccord’s mission is to unite, support and promote its members in the co-ordination and protection of their common aims and interests, communication and cooperation, while at the same time conserving and respecting their autonomy.

The international sports movement possesses considerable potential to contribute to social change, especially in the areas of child and youth development, the environment, gender, health, persons with disabilities and peace. With the aim of harnessing this potential and enhancing efforts to achieve the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, SportAccord recently established a Sports’ Social Responsibility Department. By developing strategic alliances with partners such as Peace and Sport, SportAccord will provide specific services for its Members in the form of facilitation, coordination, assistance, training and support.

A dynamic organisation, SportAccord recently hosted its first multi-sports games, the World Combat Games, bringing together 13 Martial Arts and Combat Sports, both Olympic and non-Olympic with the World Mind Games and World Beach Games to be hosted in the near future. The establishment of a Doping-Free Sports Unit and a Sports Integrity Unit complement the services offered by SportAccord in order to assure an ethical and socially responsible sports movement.




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