The International Peace Bureau (IPB)


The International Peace Bureau (IPB) is the world’s oldest peace federation with 320 member organisations in 70 countries. Since its founding in 1891 in Switzerland, 13 IPB leaders have also been recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize, a number unequalled by any other organisation.


Philip Noel-Baker a former Vice-President is the only Olympian (Antwerp, 1920) to have also received a Nobel Peace Prize (1959).


Through their efforts in disarmament, conflict resolution, peace education, social justice, human rights, environment and development, the members work for a safer and more sustainable world.


To mark its Nobel Peace Prize centenary (2010), the IPB has  launched a major outdoor photographic exhibition entitled ‘Making Peace’ to explain what elements are necessary to create sustainable peace: www.makingpeace.org





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