Global Partnerships Forum

Global Partnerships Forum



The Global Partnerships Forum aims to address economic and social challenges within a global forum through innovative partnerships.


Its strives to achieve this by providing an action-oriented platform, engaging an expert network of leaders and innovators from the United Nations, governments, the private sector, NGOs, philanthropy, civil society and academia to pool its efforts.


The principal aim of the Global Partnerships Forum is to host a global network of leaders and innovators who have extensive, professional experience in partnerships.


By establishing this network, physical and virtual platforms are created to share conceptual, strategic and operational expertise and best practice. Through its experience and growth, the Forum is developing an online database of success stories and lessons learned as well as potential partners for people to reach out to. With the database as a resource, the Forum provides strategic advice to stakeholders, identifying the best strategies to ensure creative and successful partnerships.


Additionally, the Forum facilitates global and regional summits that focus on development goals and use results as a basis for their programming. These informative events bring together potential or current stakeholders to discuss facts, logistics and potential for partnership opportunities.