The Council of Europe

The Council of Europe

logo_council_of_europeThe Council of Europe, whose headquarters are in Strasbourg (France) currently encompasses almost all of Europe with 47 member countries. Founded on May 5, 1949 by 10 founding members, the Council of Europe seeks to develop common and democratic principles throughout Europe organized around the European Convention on Human Rights and other reference texts concerning the protection of the individual.

For many years the Council of Europe has played a major role in sport thanks to its two flagship conventions (the European Convention on Spectator Violence and the Anti-doping Convention), its ministerial conferences and intergovernmental cooperation, which have been organized by the Enlarged Partial Agreement on Sport (EPAS) since 2007.

Peace and Sport is a member of the of the EPAS Advisory Board , alongside organizations such as UEFA and ENGSO.

EPAS’ objectives are promoting sport and its positive values, developing international standards and establishing a framework for a pan-European platform for intergovernmental cooperation in sport.

It also aims to help public authorities, sports federations and NGOs in Member States to promote sport and make it healthier and fairer by improved governance.





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