The Turikumwe project was initiated by the Judo League in Alsace in collaboration with the Burundi Judo Federation to develop judo in Burundi.


In the early 80s, Bernard Messner, current President of the Alsace Judo League conducted several internships concerning Olympic Solidarity and membership of Burundi clubs to the French Judo Federation. These first meetings formed the basis of friendly relations between Burundi judokas their counterparts from Alsace and elsewhere in France.


While initially the project was designed as a sports program, it has since expanded and diversified its scope to use the humanitarian and socializing skills of judo, in a "humanely" fragmented country, where social links have been devastated by civil war.


Turikumwe uses the Moral Code of Judo to transmit its message: courtesy, courage, sincerity, honour, modesty, respect, self-control and friendship.


Peace and Sport supports the work of Turikumwe in Burundi, particularly in organizing inter-community events and judo tournaments.




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