What type of cooperation?

Local Associations and NGO's: What type of cooperation with Peace and Sport?

Non-Governmental Organizations and Associations from local communities are the most legitimate agents to act in the field. They are the cornerstone of programs supported by Peace and Sport.


Our goal is not to associate them with our programs, but to assist them in implementing their projects.


Faced with difficult circumstances in areas they know very well, NGOs and local associations often have ideas that are perfectly suited to the reality of situations.


They have the experience in the field and know the specific geographical, cultural, social and religious factors to consider for effective implementation of programs for peace through sport.


But often they do not know how or where to rally the right resources to meet the needs they have identified.


Peace and Sport aims to assist these local actors in the implementation of their projects, accompanying them on several levels:


  • Analysis and definition of their needs,
  • Researching resources that are necessary for setting up the project from other stakeholders in sport and peace,
  • Support to make their projects sustainable through the transfer of skills and accountability.


This system guarantees the sustainability of projects, the only way of making a profound and long-term impact in the areas concerned.


NGOs and local associations remain the initiators of programs, the driving force behind their implementation, and ensure their sustainability. They are not simply beneficiaries.