Peace and Sport’s Corporate Partners

Founding Partners




ONEXIM: a Peace and Sport founding partner since December 2007.

Established in 2007, the ONEXIM Group is a private investment fund in Russia. With capital assets of 25 billion USD, the Group focuses on investment in innovative technology, traditional energy and mining non-ferrous and precious metals. It has particular interest in nanotechnology, and hydrogen fuel cells, a source of sustainable energy that respects the environment.



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Interview with Mikhail Prokhorov, President of Onexim Group

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Mercure International of Monaco (MIM) has supported Peace and Sport since its inception in 2007.


Founded in 1986 by Lebanese-born Mr. Adnan Houdrouge, Mercure International of Monaco started out as an import-export company for sports equipment. Demand grew rapidly, encouraging Mr. Houdrouge to open sports shops in France and in Africa, the continent where he grew up.


Over time, the MIM Group opened many shops under the City Sport brand, selling the most famous brand names in sport. The wholesale network in West Africa enabled MIM to have exclusive rights to distribute major names in sport (Adidas and Nike) and to gain recognition as a market leader in sportswear.


In 1995 after the CFA Franc was devalued, Mercure International of Monaco diversified its portfolio of activities by acquiring a supermarket chain in West Africa, mainly trading under the name SCORE.


With an intricate knowledge of distribution to the local markets, the superstores became a leader in West Africa.


Following this success, MIM branched out into fashion, telecommunication, catering, beauty products and real estate.


In 2004 Mercure International of Monaco was awarded the Monaco Business Award by the Monegasque government.


In 2007 the company signed a trading contract with Casino-Rallye Group which led to the SCORE superstores being changed to Casino Géant, a leading French hypermarket chain.


Mercure international of Monaco acquired the Go Sport franchise for the French Dom Tom and the Maghreb.


Since 2008, MIM has continued to develop its own concept as well as developing various international brands as franchises, making MIM an ideal partner on the African continent with 4,500 employees.


Passionate about sport, Mr. Houdrouge is Vice- President of AS Monaco Football Club and is also Vice-President and Ambassador of Peace and Sport.




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Expert Partners





Aegis Media, Europe's leading media consultancy and number four worldwide for marketing communication and media services, announced its strategic partnership with Peace and Sport during the Crans Montana Forum in 2007. Its subsidiary Carat Sport, a sports marketing consultancy, advises Peace and Sport on its operational and logistical plans, media and marketing strategy and researches partners for the organization.



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filmVideo of speech by Georges Vanderchmitt, President of Carat Sport at the Peace and Sport International Forum 2009


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Le Petit Tennis was created in 2001 by Jean-Philippe and Sibyle Fleurian, both former tennis champions.


It is a learning program that uses mobile tennis equipment and does not require a tennis court. Parents and schools do not need to invest in equipment. Le Petit Tennis provides qualified coaches who supply children with equipment that is adapted to their age group, including rackets, nets and balls. The lessons can take place in basketball courts, in school playgrounds or in classrooms.


This unique approach matches the needs of children. It helps to increase coordination skills, intelligence and sociability with other children. Children are not left to their own devices when following the program: they learn how to play tennis with other children and cooperate with each other through various different games.


Teaching techniques based on stories and role playing enable children to learn while having fun.


This method is particularly suited to vulnerable and poorly-equipped areas where Peace and Sport intervenes, notably Israel-Palestine, Colombia and Burundi.



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Peace and Sport program in Israel-Palestine

Peace and Sport program in Colombia

Peace and Sport program in Burundi





Sportsrule Ltd. has over 30 years’ experience delivering major sporting events worldwide. Its team provides bespoke project management, media operations, team, client and language services that deliver results. 


When founding Sportsrule and language services agency Translationsrule in 2010 Sarah Rule took the opportunity to set up a charitable initiative at the same time. Sarah approached the University of Leeds in the UK to offer an opportunity for students to gain hands-on experience throughout their studies at the Centre for Translation Studies. The initiative is now in its third year and has involved the work of almost 80 students. 


sportruleThrough the initiative, Sportsrule offers free professional quality translation services to non-profit organisations. The Sportsrule team manages the translation process and the students translate the texts and are provided with feedback on their work. In 2013 Sportsrule partnered with Peace and Sport and has led the French to English translation of the Manuel des Pratiques Adaptées (Adapted Sport Manual), which will be presented during the 2013 Peace and Sport International Forum and distributed to various stakeholders worldwide.


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Sportsrule website






SSS is an organisation based in Australia, serving international corporate and NGO/NFP businesses in developing membership and merchandise programs. Managing Director David Friend established SSS in 2005 to provide a comprehensive range of services in Membership, Merchandise, Public Relations, Social Media, Creative Development and Events. SSS has achieved outstanding results for clients which have included major sporting clubs and codes as well as leading corporate organisations and NFP’s including His Holiness The Dalai Lama.

SSS is proud to be developing the membership and merchandise programs for Peace and Sport and providing world class expertise and strategy.


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SSS Website

Locally Based Projects partners



Butterfly is the World leader in table tennis and ping pong accessories. An historic partner of the ITTF, Butterfly is the equipment manufacturer of reference for many great champions.

As such, Butterfly supports ITTF and Peace and Sport in the development of their programs Ping Pong Paz in Colombia and Ping Pong Ba Dame in East-Timor.


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See Peace and Sport’s Locally-Based Project in Colombia

See Peace and Sport’s Locally-Based Project in East-Timor