Adapted Practices

For more than seven years, Peace and Sport has been working with various local actors who use sport as a tool for education and peace in a wide range of settings. This experience has shown us that many of them have difficulty implementing certain sports due to a lack of equipment and infrastructure but also because of the complexity of the rules of sport.

By leading an innovative and structured approach alongside international sports federations and local actors, Peace and Sport has been able to observe, set up and try out a number of sporting practices in the field, and incorporate new knowledge with a view to encouraging social cohesion. It is with this goal in mind that Peace and Sport decided to present this expertise for the first time in a manual, in such a way as to benefit the greatest number of people.

The goal of this Adapted Sport Manual is not to promote the development of sport for all, but to encourage the use of sport as a tool that can be adapted to and set up in a wide range of environments. The manual has been created in such a way as to be used and understood by all, and is intended for anyone wishing to lead youth through sport.

The manual brings together a number of sporting disciplines devised by various actors worldwide in the form of educational information sheets, allowing instructors, educators and teachers to easily set up adapted sports and use them as a tool for dialogue and social integration.


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Presented through fun illustrations and text, the manual contains the following sections:

  • Adapted sport information sheets, explaining how sports can be set up, tailored and used as an educational and social tool,
  • A Resource index, which provides examples of sports equipment made from natural resources or recycled waste,
  • Building adapted equipment information sheets, designed to help with the construction of sports equipment using the aforementioned resources.

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