Hosting the International Forum




As part of its vision to contribute to sustainable peace through sport on all five continents, Peace and Sport holds its International Forum outside Monaco every alternate year.


Sochi (Russian Federation), the Host City of the Winter Olympics in 2014, was the destination for the first ever Peace and Sport International Forum outside Monaco in 2012.


Bringing the Forum to new territories aims to encourage an even wider participation and to reinforce international cooperation for sustainable peace.


Discussions are taking place to select the city who will host the event in 2014. The final 3 candidates will be selected by the end of August and the final decision will be announced during the Closing Ceremony of the 2013 edition next November in Monaco.


Peace and Sport is now inviting bids from candidate cities who would like to host the Peace and Sport International Forum in 2016.


Hosts of the Peace and Sport International Forum make a tangible contribution to the cause of peace around the world as well as gaining significant benefits themselves. These include:


  • A strengthened position as a key player for geopolitics and sport in a politically-neutral environment
  • Reinforcement of a socially responsible image and association with a lasting legacy of programs using sport as a tool for peace
  • The opportunity to welcome world leaders: Heads of State, Government Ministers, Nobel Peace Laureates, IOC Members, and high-ranking UN Officials
  •  The considerable and tangible benefits of a wide-ranging publicity campaign and media coverage
  • The chance to showcase event organization capabilities and the character and attraction of your City