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Latest news from DRC
  • International Day of Peace
    International Day of Peace
    The international day of peace was celebrated at the youth centre in Luvungi, 21 September 2011
  • Opening a new youth centre
    Opening a new youth centre
    The Luvungi youth centre run by the association "Centre for Training, Sports Eduction and Community Development" opened on 11 June 2011

Photos and project underway
We are mainly involved in the province of South Kivu, where we support the association C.F.E.S.D.C (training, sports education and community development centre) and work to raise awareness and educate youth through sport.


Youth Centres in South-Kivu


3 youth centres are active in Bwegera, Uvira and Luvungi

Several training courses have been given:

  • training in management and activity-planning in centres
  • Netball training, organized in partnership with the International Netball Federation and Gilbert equipment suppliers

In August 2011, more than 150 young people took part in the second Burundi-Congolese Friendship Games held in Luvungi


cp Press release
- Peace and Sport and UIPM step up their action in the Great Lakes region of Africa with Modern Pentathlon

Target populations

Beneficiaries of the program supported by Peace and Sport are:


  • Demobilized child soldiers,
  • War orphans,
  • Street children.


Country background


The Democratic Republic of Congo has experienced a long period of instability since gaining independence on 30 June 1960, which led to successive wars that have killed nearly 5 million people, causing significant population movements, intense social tension and plunging the country into extreme poverty. Since the presidential election in 2006, the political situation seems to have gradually improved, but the situation for young people remains precarious and the general level of education is very low.


When making its initial analysis, Peace and Sport identified the province of South Kivu as a particularly unstable area and therefore a priority area for action.


Local actors in the field are keen to develop facilities for youth and to set up sports activities. Apart from the lack of funding, training and facilities, one of the obstacles mentioned was the lack of equipment.


Peace and Sport supports the NGO CFESDC in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The aim is to develop youth centres in Luvungi, Bwagera and Uvira, notably by using "adapted equipment" in order to offer young people living in these regions a framework for playing sport and learning about its values.

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