Actions in Colombia

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Latest news from Colombia
  • 2 Awards for Colombianitos
    2 Awards for Colombianitos
    Our partner in Colombia won both the Gold Trophy and Community Trophy at the Global Sports Forum Barcelona 2012 for their project Goals For a Better Life that uses football to help improve the lives of children.
  • Launch of Ju-Jitsu por la Paz
    Launch of Ju-Jitsu por la Paz
    This project supported by the Ju-Jitsu Champion Gregory Vallarino was launch on November 21 in Cuidad Bolivar.
  • « Badminton Por la Paz »
    « Badminton Por la Paz »
    This program was launched in the presence of Champion for Peace Pedro Alejandro Yang, on 23 February 2011
  • Beisbol por la Paz
    Beisbol por la Paz
    The Colombian Baseball Federation, the International Baseball Federation and Peace and Sport launched « Beisbol por la Paz » 18-20 November.
  • Inauguration of Gimnasia por la Paz
    Inauguration of Gimnasia por la Paz
    Champion for Peace Jorge Hugo Giraldo supported the inauguration of Gimnasia por la Paz which started with the training of 27 sport instructors.
  • Capacity building
    Capacity building
    From 4 - 8 August 2011, two training sessions for badminton, table tennis and multi-sports were organized in Colombia.
  • Touch Rugby
    Touch Rugby
    Since June 2011, 60 7 to 18 year olds have learned how to play Touch Rugby in Colombia

Photos and project underway

In Colombia, we work closely with the NGO Colombianitos to improve social integration for young people from disadvantaged areas.



Ajedrez por la Paz


This program is designed to bring structure and supervision into the lives of marginalized young people. It aims to strengthen social cohesion and dialogue and to reduce deep-rooted violence in their environment, teaching them the concentration needed to play chess and transmitting values of personal achievement.

"Ajedrez por la Paz" will gradually involve 4,000 children living in difficult neighbourhoods of seven major cities in Colombia (Puerto Tejada, Cartagena, Bucaramanga, Bogotá, Medellín, Sincelejo and Barbosa).

World chess champion and Champion for Peace, Alexandra Kosteniuk is the ambassador of this project.



Badminton por la Paz


For a minimum duration of three years, “BADMINTON POR LA PAZ” will provide a supervised environment for vulnerable 8 -14 year-olds living in deprived slum areas of Bogota, Cali and Barbosa and in areas affected by guerrilla warfare in Guapi. The program will also support efforts to reintegrate young internal refugees, often on the edge of society, school dropouts who have been traumatized by their displacement.

In partnership with the Badminton World Federation (BWF) in collaboration with the equipment supplier Yonex, Badminton Panam, and 3 local NGOs (Colombianitos, FFUNDAMOR and the Foundation San Antonio), the Colombian Badminton Federation, the National Olympic Committee and the Deportes Colombia Foundation.


cp Press release

- Badminton commits alongside Peace and Sport to foster peace and social cohesion in Colombia and Timor-Leste

Beisbol por la Paz


The 3-year project "Beisbol por la Paz" (Baseball for Peace) aims to provide structure and guidance in the lives of marginalized 8 - 16 year-olds drawn to violence and street gangs in Colombia’s two most dangerous cities.

We help to run this project led by the Colombian Baseball Federation and the International Baseball Federation (IBAF) with the support of the Major Baseball League (MLB), Ecopetrol, Kenko, Grupo Internacional de la Paz and Fundauniban.

« Beisbol por la Paz" is supported by baseball legend Edgar Renteria, Champion for Peace. The program will be implemented in 5 youth centres/clubs in Medellin and Cartagena. Designed as a pilot project, it will be later duplicated and transformed into a national program called 'Beisboleritos' by the Colombian Baseball Federation with the support of "Grupo Internacional de la Paz".


Gimnasia por la Paz


We initiated this project with the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG), in collaboration with Ecopetrol, the National Federation of Gymnastics and 4 local NGOs (Colombianitos, FFUNDAMOR, Creo En Mi and the Foundation San Antonio).

For a period of 3 years, it will help combat the growing insecurity and crime in the slums of 4 Colombian cities: Bogotá, Medellín, Cali and Guapi. The intrinsic values of gymnastics (perseverance, discipline, surpassing personal limits and creativity) will help to improve the emotional stability of young Colombians, encourage their social integration and foster a culture of peace.

The project will give vulnerable young 8 - 14 year-old boys and girls the values and benchmarks necessary for a healthy life. It is also designed to improve the social integration of women and develop their assertiveness in the sometimes dangerous environments in which they live.

Ju-Jitsu por la Paz


"Ju-Jitsu por la Paz" is a joint project led by the Colombian Federation of Ju-Jitsu in collaboration with the NGO Colombianitos and support from Peace and Sport and JJIF (International Ju-Jitsu Federation).

Its purpose is to enable vulnerable young 8-12 year-olds from the neighbourhood of "Ciudad Bolivar" on the outskirts of Bogota in Colombia, many of whom come from families who have been displaced by guerrilla warfare, to regularly practice Ju-Jitsu in a structured and supervised environment and thus learn the values of respect, discipline and effort conveyed by this sport.

Launched on 21 November 2011, this project is supported by the Ju-Jitsu Champion Gregory Vallarino.




Ping Pong Paz

This program is designed to bring structure and supervision into the lives of marginalized young people. It aims to strengthen social cohesion and dialogue within Colombian society and to foster the social reintegration of these youngsters by teaching them the concentration necessary to play table tennis and to transmit values of tolerance personal respect and non-violent confrontation to them.

Target populations
Beneficiaries of the program supported by Peace and Sport are:



  • Young people from deprived urban areas
  • Young people displaced by the guerrilla war raging throughout the country
  • Ethnic minorities
Country background

mapcolombia_smlColombia has enjoyed a relatively stable regime since its independence two centuries ago. However, since the 1960s, there have been continuous armed conflicts involving the army, Marxist guerrillas like the FARC or the ELN and extreme right paramilitary groups.   The country is also fighting against the largest network of drug traffickers in the world: for more than four decades, there have been violent clashes between drug cartels, especially in the volatile regions of Medellin and Cali.


These two problems are the cause of significant violence within the population, particularly among young people. Although the situation has improved over the past 10 years, young people still face major social issues and massive economic inequality. Colombian youngsters are confronted with lack of work, which is partly due to an overall very low level of education. They leave rural and economically poor regions and head towards the cities, increasing the population of slums where deprived living conditions, violence and insecurity prevail.


Educating and integrating Colombian youth from remote rural areas affected by guerrilla warfare and from poverty belts on the outskirts of major cities is one of the main challenges facing the Colombian government. 


Peace and Sport has worked alongside the NGO Colombianitos since 2008, as well as the NGO Fundamor, to help projects dedicated to integrating vulnerable youth through sport. These projects are part of a governmental program aimed at developing and promoting sport for peace education.

  • International Sports Federations: FIDE (Chess), ITTF (Table Tennis), BWF (Badminton), FIFA (Football)

  • National Rugby Federation

  • Financial partners: Ecopetrol

  • Equipment suppliers: Butterfly, Yonex

  • Other sport partners: NOC, Deportes Colombia
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