What do they do?



Champions for Peace are top-level sports champions who are either still active or have retired from their sports career who wish to help disadvantaged communities through sport.

They are role-models, heroes and a source of inspiration for young people throughout the world.


The Champions for Peace initiative was created by Peace and Sport to offer them a structure for communal expression and action to support sports projects at the service of peace and human and social development.


They give some of their time, popularity, their sporting experience and skill or resources to help projects for peace-promotion and peace-building through sport. They also participate in raising awareness among decision-makers in politics and the private sector to change attitudes.

This collective action ensures the efficiency of their undertaking and their resolve is increased.

The Champions for Peace club is a flexible structure where each athlete can participate according to his or her own availability and desire.


  • Supporting Peace and Sport’s action

- Using their popularity to make Peace and Sport better known,

- Signing a Charter for peace through sport

- Involving other sports people

- Wearing the “Champions for Peace” logo during official and sports events

- Being present during events to promote sport as a vehicle for peace: Charity galas, official gatherings etc.

-Donating money or equipment

  • Participating in peace-promotion operations

- Contributing to debates during the Peace and Sport International Forum, a place for high-level meetings and discussions,

- Making speeches at sports events to promote peace through sport.

  • Field action for peace-building action

- Actively contributing to Peace and Sport’s Locally-based Projects,

- Sponsoring educational programs

- Travelling to areas where projects are underway to meet people who benefit from them, the stakeholders involved and potential investors

- Sharing their experience with youngsters who are looking for role-models, to motivate and encourage them to take part in programs

- Helping to train sports educators