Honey is the co-founder of the Palestinian Women’s National Football Team. She was the first woman to play football in Palestine overcoming various social, political, and institutional challenges, and became captain of the first ever Palestinian Women's National Football Team.

Throughout her sports career and her work, Honey has contributed to encouraging and empowering other women and girls to play football. During her work as Country Manager of PACES, the Palestinian Association for Children’s Encouragement of Sports, she helped engage children from disadvantaged backgrounds in after-school sports program; providing healthy activities and development opportunities for boys who would otherwise be in violent destructive environments on the streets and girls who would otherwise be confined at home. She also served as Sports Unit Coordinator at Diyar Consortium in Bethlehem where she was also the captain of Diyar’s Women Football Team.


In addition, Honey is recognized in Palestine as an active member of two distinguished national committees; the Palestinian Women's Football National Committee and the Supreme Council of Youth and Sports.





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