Universally acclaimed for his outstanding performance in Ju-Jitsu (more than 10 international titles including World Champion in 2002), Gregory Vallarino is a true ambassador for his sport.


Now that he has left international competition, he wants to ‘give back’ to Ju-Jitsu all that this sport has brought to him.


Acting together withPeace and Sport


Gregory is Ambassador for the JJIF-Peace and Sport “Ju-Jitsu for Peace” program and its first common project “Ju-Jitsu por la Paz in Colombia”, which was led by the Jiu-Jitsu Colombian Federation with the support of both entities and the collaboration of the NGO “Colombianitos”.


Its purpose is to enable vulnerable young 8-12 year-olds from "Ciudad Bolivar", a district on the outskirts of Bogota in Colombia, where many of whom come from families which have been displaced by guerrilla warfare, to regularly practice Ju-Jitsu in a structured and supervised environment and thus learn the values of respect, discipline and personal development which this sport propagates.


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