Jean-François Tordo (known as ‘Jeff’) is a fighter and a leader of men. A hooker with the French national team, he was named captain by coach Pierre Berbizier and made his mark on the team’s history and style.


After beginning his career in Nice, he went to Toulon, then back to Nice before signing up for Bourgoin, where he was coach from 2000-2002. He then became the coach for Poitiers until December 2006.


Passionate about nature and mankind, Jeff Tordo was Ambassador for the environmental program linked to the 2007 Rugby World Cup, promoted by the French Agency for the Environment and Energy Conservation (Ademe) and the French Rugby Federation. He raises awareness about environmental issues and sustainable development in the sports world.


He is the Director of Pachamama Association, which is focusing on creating a better education and life for the underprivileged children in Madagascar.


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