Steve Mesler is a three-time United States Olympian and 2010 Gold Medalist in 4-man bobsled, motivational speaker, and philanthropist who has dedicated much of his life-to-date to achieving one major goal- winning an Olympic Gold Medal. He is now committed to sharing his experiences and the life lessons he learned while breaking a 62-year American Olympic Gold Medal drought and a 50-year American World Championship drought with his teammates Steven Holcomb, Justin Olsen and Curt Tomasevicz aboard their Bo-Dyn Night Train Bobsled.


Steve has also created a brand new, innovative way for the outside world- namely Olympians and professional athletes- to use technology to communicate with America’s classrooms in his non-profit organization Classroom Champions. Classroom Champions puts the latest technology and communications tools into high-need classrooms around the United States (and eventually the world) and has garnered press from across the country, including the tech website CNet, for his efforts. The program utilizes the symbolic power and wisdom of the top athletes in the world to teach students about goal setting, perseverance and achievement while providing them with the technological tools they’ll need for success in the 21st century. Steve is both the CEO and a member of the Classroom Champions Board of Directors.

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