With his unusual physique and exceptional talent, Jonah Lomu is generally considered as one of Rugby’s leading stars and certainly one of the most intimidating players in the field.


When he became part of the New Zealand national team in 1994 he was the youngest player to wear the legendary shirt of the All-Blacks. His unforgettable performance during the World Cup in 1995 in South Africa earned him unparalleled impact on the international rugby scene. A competition from which he still holds the record all-time top try scorer.


Victim of a severe kidney disorder that was diagnosed in 1997, Jonah succeeded in coming back to the game for the 1999 World Championships, before having a kidney transplant in 2004.  Condemned to never walk again, Jonah’s perseverance paid off and he made a comeback on the Welsh rugby fields with the Cardiff Blues in 2005, a team with which the destiny of this living legend continues.


His experience led to his support of the National Kidney Research Foundation and of foundations such as Cure Kids. He also supports the Special Olympics which gives the opportunity for people with intellectual disabilities to participate in sports competitions.

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