Fareed is an Iraqi extreme sports athlete. He is the first qualified cosmonaut from Iraq, and has set Guinness World Records for being part of the first team to skydive off Mount Everest, and for flying the largest flag whilst skydiving.


He has been hailed as Iraq's superman: a role model for the nation's youth who flies, glides, dives and races motor­cycles.


Fareed says his dream is “to represent my country, and to be one of the men like Neil Armstrong and Yuri Gagarin, who showed with all humility what it is to be a good human".


Acting together with Peace and Sport


Iraqi Champion for Peace Captain Fareed Lafta and his team of volunteers created the biggest Peace Dove in the world, establishing a Guinness World Record.

Led by Fareed Lafta, hundreds of volunteers of all ages and numerous nationalities have united to send a message of peace from Dubai. Over 1 million of plastic buttons, symbolically painted in Saudi national colors of red, white, green and black, were used in the process.


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