Born in Kenya and discovered at a very young age by the legendary Kipchoge Keino, Wilson Kipketer is a track and field specialist. Three-time World Champion of 800m between 1995 and 1999, he held world records for indoor and outdoor middle-distance running for over a decade. Wilson also won the silver medal at the 2000 Olympics as well a Bronze at the 2004 Games.


Acting together with Peace and Sport

Deeply involved in the cause of peace through sport, Wilson was a member of the Peace and Sport Awards Jury in 2009.

In 2010, he has given tremendous support to the  “Sports Solidarity for Haiti” operation. He collected more than 80 kilograms of sports equipment (shoes, clothing etc.) for Haitian young people!

He also organized a special operation for Haiti at the Herculis Meeting in 2010 (a Samsung Diamond League meeting), an event that he himself won eight times in the 800m category: he encouraged over 140 athletes to sign Peace and Sport’s VIP book to show their solidarity with this initiative and to convey messages of hope and encouragement to Haiti’s children. One of the Herculis qualifying races was also dedicated to solidarity for Haiti, to encourage people to rally to the cause.


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In 2011 Wilson was the patron the team Peace and Sport at the New York Marathon to raised funds for

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Wilson often takes part in different races in Monaco showing his commitment to the peace through sport movement.

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