Peter Karlsson from Sweden dominated the face of international ping-pong from 1989 – 2000. Reputed for his iron spirit, his determination and his lightning attacks, Peter holds one of the best track records in table tennis. Four-times part of the World Championships winning team (1989, 1991, 1993 and 2000), he was also World Men’s Doubles Champion in 1989 and European Men’s Singles Champion in 2000.


This outstanding record earned him a place in the table tennis Hall of Fame in 2003. Since he retired from competitions in 2006, he has been a well-reputed coach who is very much involved in using the pedagogical virtues of ping-pong.


Acting together with Peace and Sport


Peter Karlsson is ITTF-Peace and Sport “Table Tennis for Peace” program ambassador. He has so far been involved in the following 3 projects:


“Ping Pong Paz”: In 2009, during Table Tennis Junior World Championships in Cartagena, Peter came to Colombia to play with the beneficiaries of this 3 years project being developed in several large Colombian cities in collaboration with the NGO “Colombianitos”. An unforgettable day for each of them!


“Ping Pong Ba Dame”: In 2010, Peter Karlsson visited Dili in East Timor to launch the 'Ping Pong Ba Dame' program (Ping Pong for Peace), the Timorese Table Tennis Federation social responsibility program. Peter visited each of the 6 beneficiary NGOs – all acting in highly volatile areas - and played with some of the 300+ beneficiary youngsters.

Launched in November 2010 by Champion for Peace and World Champion of Table Tennis Peter Karlsson, this 3-year project takes place in partnership with the ITTF, under the leadership of the Timorese Table Tennis Federation.

Ping Pong Ba Dame aims to give more than 300 young people from violent neighbourhoods in Dili, the capital of Timor Leste, access to structured and supervised sports activities twice a week. Beyond this regular physical exercise, the project organises visits between youth centres located in districts formerly in conflict, to encourage pacific relations through sport.

This pilot project is designed to serve as the basis of a national program, so that this model of collaboration between youth centres can be extended to other centres.

6 NGOs are involved in this project:
Action for Change Foundation, Hamahon, Youth Peace Club Timor Leste, Becor Youth Center, Comoro Youth Center, Disable Integration Youth Center


“Ping Pong Paix”: In 2011, Peter Karlsson launched the Burundian and Congolese Table Tennis Federations social responsibility programs with the pilot project “Ping Pong Paix”, benefiting 2 youth centers in Burundi and 2 youth centers in DR Congo. After his visit to play with the kids, Peter had the chance to greet some of them again in Dortmund during the world championships where they were invited.


This project enables members of four youth centres (Gihanga and Gitega in Burundi, and Luvungi and Bwegera in the Democratic Republic of Congo) to play table tennis at least twice a week in a structured and supervised environment.

Beyond learning the values of the sport, this project will enable these children and teenagers to get to know each other in a fun and friendly setting.

Furthermore, eight selected youngsters will be given the unique opportunity to travel to Dortmund in Germany and participate in the Table Tennis World Championships!