christiankarembeuChristian Karembeu has won the most victories of almost any player in France.


He was playing for France when they won the FIFA World Cup in 1998, the UEFA European Cup in 2000 and the FIFA Confederations Cup in 2001.


A legendary defence and midfield player, his career playing for clubs is just as impressive: twice-winner of the Champions League playing with Real Madrid in 1998 and 2000, winner of the Intercontinental Cup in 1998 and Champion of France in 1995 with Nantes.


Proud of his New Caledonian origins, he was voted Oceanic player of the year in 1995 and 1998. Christian believes in the power of sport to build bridges between divided communities and wants to get involved in encouraging dialogue that goes above and beyond racial, political, social and religious barriers.


Acting together with Peace and Sport


Patron of the Geodis League, in July 2009 he presented a cheque of 10,000 Euros to Peace and Sport on behalf of Geodis to support the organization’s action. 

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Deeply involved in Peace and Sport’s activities, Christian Karembeu visited Haiti in August 2010 with Joel Bouzou, to strengthen the role of sport in the country's reconstruction efforts and attract the attention of the international community to urgent needs that prevail there. He went to meet sports instructors and young beneficiaries of the emergency program that the HOC has set up in survivor camps.

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Christian is also patron of the Kavany sports brand, which is a Peace and Sport partner.