Kaveh Mehrabi is the first and only badminton player from the Middle East and West Asia to have qualified for the Olympic Games (Beijing 2008).


In 2005 he was also the first person from this region of the world to qualify for a world Championship. He is the only player from Middle East and West Asia to qualify for 6 World Championships (2005 to 2011).


A member of the International Badminton Academy in Denmark since 2003, under the aegis of the legendary Michael Kjeldsen, Kaveh played nearly 10 years for Danish Clubs before he retired from the professional sport in 2012.


He gained the confidence of Olympians in his sport and was elected as a member of the Athletes' Commission of the Badminton World Federation at the 2008 Olympics. He served his sport as well as fellow competitors as the Chairman of Athletes’ Commission and a council member of the Badminton World Federation from 2010 until April 2013.


In April 2010, Kaveh got involved in the ‘Sport Solidarity for Haiti’ operation launched by Peace and Sport to support the Haitian Olympic Committee in its program to assist young victims of the earthquake.


To rally his sport to the cause and collect funds and equipment, he initiated “1000 rackets for Haiti”, in partnership with the Solibad association (Badminton Without Borders).


His appeal sparked an incredible mobilization of the badminton community.

Kaveh also joined the 2011 Peace and Sport NY Marathon team and raised funds for a Peace and Sport project in East-Timor.


In 2012 he represented Peace and Sport at the inauguration of “Badminton ba Dame” launching the 3-year project in East-Timor.

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Kaveh often takes part in different races in Monaco showing his commitment to the peace through sport movement.

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In 2013 Kaveh is challenging himself at the Nice Ironman to raise funds for an ongoing Badminton program in Haiti.



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