Jean-Victor Pastor raises 53,500€ for Peace and Sport



Jean-Victor Pastor, Pierre-Roger Blanc and Patrick Aubert were ready to don their skis this weekend to participate in the legendry Patrouille des Glaciers ski mountaineering race in the Swiss Alps to benefit the Peace and Sport association. Unfortunately, the race was cancelled due to bad weather and avalanches, preventing the departure of the three patrollers planned for 1.30am on Friday 22 April.

This didn’t discourage the Director of the Pastor Group, who in spite of everything was determined to support the Peace and Sport organization by running the Nice International Semi-Marathon on the same weekend. Jean-Victor Pastor combined fund-raising with this sporting challenge and finished the 21.1 km race in less than 1 and a half hours (1:29:26), a remarkable performance taking into account the change of altitude and the fact that he had trained for a competition on snow.

In total, 53,500 Euros were raised by this sports enthusiast; a substantial amount which will enable Peace and sport to support grassroots actors in the field to accomplish their projects, to train educators and to organize sports events in places where sport can make a real contribution to peace and social cohesion.

“We were planning to participate in one adventure; in the end we took part in two this weekend. The first was cancelled, but we achieved some extraordinary team work. Today I wanted to thank all of our sponsors and all those who were part of the Patrol, by running for peace through sport" explained Jean-Victor Pastor at the end of his semi-marathon.

“I sincerely thank Jean-Victor Pastor and his team for their commitment to peace through sport, and I hope that it will serve as a model for all those who wish to use sport to advance peace in the world” said Joel Bouzou.

This challenge was part of the new fundraising and engagement program called ‘I Move for Peace’, enabling people to make a meaningful contribution to peace through sport.