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Latest news from Israel / Palestine
  • Chess for leadership and creativity
    Chess for leadership and creativity
    The Chess Queen and Champion for Peace Alexandra Kosteniuk is the Ambassador of our Chess for Leadership and Creativity program in Israel-Palestine.

Photos and project underway

In Israel Palestine, we support local stakeholders and works to implement structured sports and educational activities for children living in dangerous areas near the security zone between Israel and the West Bank.



"Jerusalem Suburbs Community Center"
  • 2 centres (Dahiat El Sallam and Kafr Akeb)
  • Supporting the education and social integration of more than 500 young people in no-go areas.
  • Training youth leaders on the methodology used by the Jerusalem Suburbs Community Center and Peace and Sport

"Chess for Leadership and Creativity"

This project, with Alexandra Kosteniuk as ambassador, will soon be launched in 5 centres in volatile areas:

  • Qatanna,
  • Dhiesha Youth Centre (Bethlehem refugee camp),
  • Hebron,
  • Dahiat El Sallam,
  • Kafr Akeb Youth Centre

The first three centres are managed by the NGO Care Palestine and the other two by Jerusalem Suburbs Community Center


Target populations
Beneficiaries of the program supported by Peace and Sport are:



  • Young people from Arab communities on the Palestinian side of the wall, but which officially belong to Israel.
  • Young people living in refugee camps located in volatile areas of Bethlehem and Hebron.



Country background

map-israel-smlThe conflict between Israel and Palestine is without doubt one of the most complex and sensitive conflicts of our current time. Since the creation of the State of Israel in 1948, there have been many wars and hostilities in this region, and the map of the two territories has often been redefined. There have been many successive attempts at reconciliation and peace processes over the decades at the initiative of the international community. But none have resulted in sustainable peace.


Israel is now considered a developed country and generally has high-quality infrastructures and an educated population. One of the Israeli government's priorities is now to enable young people to engage in healthy activities which carry positive values.


Meanwhile, Palestinian youth, very exposed to violence, suffer from poor education and lack of career opportunities. Sport can play a major role by instilling a culture of peace and promoting intercultural dialogue.


Driven by the desire to improve social cohesion in their territories, Israeli and Palestinian governments have allowed Peace and Sport to develop programs with a local NGO called "Jerusalem Suburbs Community Center" which runs two centres "Dahiat El Sallam" and "Kfar Akeb. "

  • NGO Jerusalem Suburbs Community Center
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