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Latest news from Haiti
  • Haiti-Dominican Republic Peace and Friendship Games
    Haiti-Dominican Republic Peace and Friendship Games
    The 4th edition of the games were held end of November 2011. They had not taken place since the disaster of 12 January 2010.

Photos and projects underway

In Haiti, we work with the Haitian Olympic Committee to provide socio‐educational sporting activities and psychosocial support to young survivors of the earthquake.

"Badminton for Peace”


"Badminton for Peace" follows the 2010 post-earthquake emergency program launched by the Haitian Olympic Committeeand and supported by "Champion for Peace" Kaveh Merabi.

Launched in August 2012 in partnership with FEHBAD (Haitian Badminton Federation), the BWF (Badminton World Federation) and Peace and Sport, this program allowed 15 sociosportifs facilitators to receive specific training to the implementation of Badminton activities with children (based on "Shuttle Time", an innovative self-study training programme. of the BWF)

Since September 2012, 32 schools in Port-au-Prince and Haiti's provinces enjoy a 2 hour session per week.

This program allows approximately 2000 children aged 9 to 16 years to practice, for the first time, a sport at school and discover how Badminton can help structuring and socializing.

« Solidarity in Haiti»

Following the earthquake of 12 January 2010, Peace and Sport coordinated an emergency program to help almost 50,000 8 to 20 year-olds living in survivor camps.

  • Daily educational and sports activities were offered to children and teenagers (football, volleyball, basketball, judo, gymnastics, chess, tennis, badminton, etc.)
  • Mobilization of over 200 instructors and educators from 10 sports federations and sports clubs.
  • More than 800 90-minute physical exercise sessions organized a day.
  • New and used sports equipment collected from the international sports world (7 tons of equipment sent in October 2010)
  • Collection of financial donations
  • Sports teachers and educators train Haitian instructors
  • Special operations involving Champions for Peace were set up

cp Press releases

- HERCULIS 2010: 140 athletes proclaim their support for Haiti alongside Peace and Sport
- The Launch of “Sport Solidarity for Haiti” An Appeal for Action
- Peace and Sport and Christian Karembeu visit Haiti to put sport at the service of reconstruction


"Sport is the School of Life!”


Launched in 2007 in 4 municipalities with 50 schools, the program has two objectives:
- To introduce sports activities into schools
- To educate children on social welfare issues specific to Haiti

In 4 years the program has grown to involve:
- 10 municipalities
- 220 schools with sports and socio-educational activities
- 33,000 children who benefit daily

Target populations
Beneficiaries of the program supported by Peace and Sport are:


  • Street kids with very difficult living conditions in slums and uncertain futures.
  • Young survivors who lost their families in the earthquake of January 2010.
  • People with disabilities: helping them to accept their disability
Country background

haiti_mapHaiti is the poorest country on the American continent. After a few prosperous years marked by a significant increase in GDP, in 2008 Haiti was affected by some particularly violent natural catastrophes. In January 2010, an earthquake devastated the capital, killing over 300,000 people and wounding 300,000, resulting in 600,000 displaced people and more than a million homeless. A state of emergency was declared until 2012.  


The worst affected by the earthquake are young people. More than half of the population in Haiti is under the age of 21, and about 30% from 15 to 25 years. Although children and teenagers are a considerable force for the development of the country, they are in a highly vulnerable situation confronted with the dysfunction of social welfare and economic sectors in Haiti.  


Peace and Sport has been involved in Haiti since late 2008 in partnership with the Haitian Olympic Committee, intervening in projects for integrating vulnerable youth through sport. Following the earthquake in January 2010, the program was suspended in order to set up an emergency program. At the initiative of the Haitian Olympic Committee, Peace and Sport and the government, this program aims to help people affected by the earthquake to overcome their trauma and help people with disabilities to accept their disability. 

  • National Olympic Committee




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