Sustainable peace


Peace is not merely a state of absence of war. Peace is taught, learned and transmitted.


Fair play, righteousness, trust in others, teamwork, social integration, listening, discipline and talent: sport is a universal language in which there is one set of rules that unites everyone. Much more than a game, it is a tool for dialogue, brotherhood and respect that transcends political, social, racial or religious differences that are often at the heart of conflicts in this world.


Through structured learning of sport and its values, Peace and Sport educates people and encourages a peace culture to emerge.


A recognized educational tool that is easy to implement, sport helps vulnerable young people to have access to education. By practicing sport, they become well-balanced and find values in life. They once again feel the inclination to improve and succeed. They rediscover the path of solidarity, tolerance and a sense of brotherhood.


In the long term, the power of sport to unify divided communities teaches people to accept their differences.